Artist of the Week: SKATERS

Artist of the Week: SKATERS

One of our favourite bands at present are SKATERS out of New York City.

Giving us their debut record last month named Manhattan it’s a record all about living and breathing in the Big Apple and what it has to offer as a young adult.

Having not been to New York and only hearing reports what it’s like, this album brings to the forefront all that I’d imagine it would be like to live in. High rents in small places, crazy nights out and anything you’re into, but on steroids.

The eleven track record is completely based on the fulcrum of throwing chat at girls, getting loose, hooking up with birds, heading out with the lads, and ultimately passing out. They wind you through a tale of their existence in one of the coolest cities in the world and like London you discover once you’ve immersed yourself in what it has to offer, these things mentioned above become somewhat second nature. Michael Ian Cummings (leadlad) alludes to this in the track ‘One of Us’ by stating “fun and games” when referring to another night out on the piss.

Some elements of their sound obviously brings about homage to one our favourite bands The Strokes but give it an added element of The Vines and The Vaccines. The album is full of all the fuzz and buzz as you’d expect from a band out of New York but it’s streamlined and cut with refreshed synth elements which make it very easy listening and most likely to have it on repeat after a once through.

Having seen Parquet Courts last week in Camden, we know the vibe these lads from NYC can bring, with an attitude of we’re here to simply play you some hard out rock and fucking roll.

Hot tracks:

‘Miss Teen Massachusetts’ full of massive hooks and stretched out vocals.

‘Schemers’ pop rock to a core. Brilliant.

Jump over here to find out details of their London show.


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