An Interview with “Her” – the electrifying French duo about to take the world by storm

An Interview with “Her” – the electrifying French duo about to take the world by storm

Seducing, tender, beautiful. Introducing, Her. A French duo whose craft will leave you hot and achy in your imagination. Hitting up the UK with their first ever gig in London this week, I was more than just a little bit enthusiastic to conduct this interview. For years I’ve been in love with the French music scene as it never fails to satisfy that tingle in your spine; and Her satisfy like no other.

Invasion Mag: First of all, a big congratulations on the response Her is getting on the blogsophere and radio! How does it feel to see your tracks ‘Five Minutes’ and ‘Quite Like’ getting so much play and recognition?

Her: Thank you. It’s always nice when you’ve worked hard to see people actually digging it. The biggest surprise came from the US, where the track spread quite quickly and a lot of people reposted the track. At the start we had zero followers on Soundcloud, and no promotion there, so it’s nice to see that music can still talk for itself.

IM: Brilliant! We’re so glad to hear your music loved across the pond. We especially love the video for ‘Quite Like’. What did you want to achieve with this video?

Her: Music fans tend to ‘watch’ their music via online videos these days. It’s important to have videos that really embody the music rather than just short films with music added to it. We tried to translate the lyrics and the melodies into images to evoke the meaning of the song. We worked with Raphaël Frydman and Anna Nevala for the video who have their own interpretation of the song, but there could be thousands of other interpretations of our music depending on who the listener is.

IM: We have read that you want your music ‘to represent all the women who inspired you’. Who are the women behind the music and how did they inspire you?

Her: We are a duo so we both have different experiences, and we try to talk about it in our own way through the music. We also talk about many different things in our songs.

IM: Your first UK show is coming up – tell us your plans for what you hope to do while you’re in London and for the show?

Her: Like every show, we try to connect with the fans the most. We want people to feel the words, the notes we are playing so they can get into the song, into the lyrics and take as much pleasure as we do on stage playing our music.

IM: It’s safe to say we can not wait to immerse ourselves in the gigs atmosphere and hearing you play live! So you’re in London this October where next?

Her: Back to France, playing some gigs, recording some songs and rehearsing for the Transmusicales in Rennes in December.

IM: We’re excited to hear you’re recording more songs before the year is out. You have had international acclaim from some of the world’s most well known names in music what’s the best compliment you’ve had and who was it from?

Her: We are really happy about it but it doesn’t really matter from whom the compliment is coming from. The best feeling is when you see in someone’s eye that the song really means something. When creates a particular emotion for someone it means we have succeeded in passing on something we had in us, and that’s precious.


IM: Are you interested in collaborating with other artists and musicians and if so, do you have anybody in mind?

Her: We are already working with some people but it doesn’t happen overnight. We need time to create a real collaboration, hopefully we’ll have some stuff to show you soon.

IM: This brings us on to your debut album… what can we expect from your first album?

Her: We always work on songs but we’ll see when we are ready for the album. Each of our releases will have their own concept, style and feeling. Back in the 50’s people had singles and the album was just the compilation of those singles. So we’ll see, it doesn’t matter how many songs there is on a cd as long as it makes sense to our fans.

IM: Her seems to have masterfully stepped on to centre stage from behind the curtains and so suddenly, how have you found the process of making music you love together and defining the band’s sound?

Her: We’ve been playing music our entire life and we have had other experiences before. We know each other really well and we took the time we needed to create Her, there was no rush. We went to many studios, worked with several sound engineers, found the right musicians to play with and finally shaped the sound with our sound engineer at home.

IM: Undeniably, it’s paid off. We can’t get enough. What festival ambitions do you have for next year?

Her: We would like to play them all, all around the world. It’ll take more than a year though.

IM: The more we can see you play, the better! Finally, who are you listening to at the moment?

Her: OKAY KAYADamn, Gravity, Kendrick Lamar latest album, City Kay Struck You…

To see Her perform their first gig in the UK, head to Old Blue Last in Shoreditch on October 22nd. Their delectable sound will, I have no doubt, leave you hot and in love.


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