Preview: Bugged Out Weekender 2016, Butlins, Bognor Regis, England

Preview: Bugged Out Weekender 2016, Butlins, Bognor Regis, England

Words by Rick Tipton.

Well it’s safe to say, we’re pretty excited about this one!

Line­ups this good don’t come about very often. They’re also tough to put together, unless a little effort’s been made before hand. Bugged Out‘s twenty years in the game puts them in a unique position. A position that enables them to orchestrate dance music events as good as anyone. Ones that boast spirituality, authentic club culture, togetherness and INCREDIBLE music. All the while, with a sense of modesty and charm. After all, “It’s just a big disco”.

The first ever Bugged Out night was hosted at ‘Sankeys Soap’ in Manchester, UK in 1994. Unfortunately, the likes of L.F.O and Autechre were on the bill, so off to a harrowing start then! The club nights evolved from the co­founders’ magazine, ‘Jockey Slut’ (Johnno Burgess & Paul Benney). In the early years, they showcased the talents of ‘The Chemical Brothers‘ as well as ‘Daft Punk‘. In the mid­to­late nineties, the two friends watched as Bugged Out experienced global success. This included the move to Ibiza’s Amnesia in 1999. A year later, unsatisfied with this, the pair took over a ‘Pontins’ Holiday Camp in Prestatyn, North Wales (the first weekender) as clearly, the one night parties simply weren’t long enough. What they needed was a venue, big enough and weird enough to house a weekend ­long rave. In this once ­innocent, now disused site, they found just this!

Despite “biblical weather” (any other day in Wales) hindering festival numbers, sweaty ravers from all over the UK half­ filled its capacity and left describing the experience as magical. DJs that weekend included Dave Clarke, Rob Da Bank, James Lavelle and Richie Hawtin.

This year’s ‘BOW’ takes place at ‘Butlins’, Bognor Regis, where it’s been held since 2012, bar 2014.

Here at InvasionMag, we’re delirious about the appearance of Âme. The German duo will no doubt bring an interval of mindfulness and contemplation to an otherwise ‘get­in­about­it’ atmosphere. Their journey­esque set will blend masterfully with flashbacks from visits to the on- site children’s arcade.

After witnessing her 2015 Field Maneuvers performance, The Black Madonna has to be listed as a must­see act. Now Talent Buyer and Resident DJ at Chicago’s Smart Bar, this super­focused, fun machine will have you jigging and boogieing in the grounds of her electronic wonderland.

We’re all keen to see Barely Legal. I’ll tell you about her; save you clearing your browsing data. Although in her early twenties, this London­ based DJ could give even fellow ­performer, DJ EZ a run for his money. Perhaps not in terms of pace but certainly, song selection. Where does she find some of these remixes? Eagerly awaiting the vibe she’ll set down with her blend of UK Garage, grime and darkcore.

Another highly anticipated act this year is Jackmaster. Haven’t heard of him? Don’t believe you! DJ Mag’s ‘Best DJ’ in 2014. If we still lived in strictly vinyl times and this guy wanted to bring along his entire collection, ‘Butlins’ would need some lorry bays.

He describes himself well, explaining he doesn’t partake in eclecticism just for the sake of eclecticism. From experience, he plays what he wants and JUST what the crowd wants.

It’s set to be special. The DJ formula is solid. Let’s hope it’s not just a weekend of debauchery, inflatable, animal­ shaped swimming aids, like­minded people chatting cobblers and acid house!

Oh no wait, let’s hope that’s exactly what it is!


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