What happens when a bunch of Aussies and Kiwis who love music move to London? InvasionMag happens! We bring you the latest and greatest gigs, new music, festival news and travel/moving tips all in one place.

Launched in January 2013, InvasionMag was created for the thousands upon thousands of young people just like us who’ve taken the plunge and moved to a new city across the world and then scratched their heads and thought, “hmm, I could really use some tips from someone who’s done it all before… and where the hell is all the sweet live music at?” Basically, every music fan’s one-stop shop to the UK and European experience.

In a nutshell, InvasionMag is:

  • The latest music news on live tours, new albums, and festival announcements from the best live acts old and new.
  • Advice and articles on moving to, settling down in and travelling around the UK/Europe.
  • Our ‘weekly guide’ showcasing what we reckon are the best gigs and events to check out around London every 7 days.
  • New tracks and music videos that we love (and think you will too).
  • Plus a lot of other epic stuff too that we’ll randomly surprise you with.

So how did it all start?

After travelling around Europe in a van and then moving to the UK in 2012, our shared love of music sparked us to align two already established creations we’d fostered back in Australia (Scenewave and Groove Magazine) into one, filling a gap we saw in the London music scene; providing up to date, relevant and specifically targeted information on awesome music, upcoming gigs and the best events in town, to not only Australians and New Zealanders, but the greater UK arena and Europe.

And now for a little bit about the team

  • Marco
    Twitter: @marcozande
    Email: marco [at] invasionmag.com
  • Tey
    Twitter: @tey
    Email: tey [at] invasionmag.com
  • LC
    Email: lc [at] invasionmag.com
  • Alex
    Twitter: @AlexRElms
    Email: alex [at] invasionmag.com
  • Michelle
    Email: michelle [at] invasionmag.com
  • Beanie
    Email: beanie [at] invasionmag.com

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InvasionMag is a friendly music news site that does not condone any form of piracy. The music we post is for promotional purposes only, and we subscribe to the, “if you like it, buy it” philosophy. Support your favourite artists!

If you see some content that you think violates this, please email us at admin [at] invasionmag.com